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Business plan for the children of Sizabantwana

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Organisational detail

Name Christelik-Maatskaplike Raad Mpumalanga: Laeveld
Abbreviated as CMR SizaBantwana Children Benefit Organisation
Physical Address House no 1
Khanjisa Street
1280 House no 1
Khanjisa Street
Postal Address P O Box 722
1200 P O Box 859
Telephone (013) 744-1035 082 806 9375
Fax (013) 744-1035 013 737 7942

Contact person Ms S Longmore Mr Frank Masego
Position / Capacity: CMR Supervisor Project Manager
Telephone / Cell number: (013) 744-1035 / 082 482 7333 082 806 9375
Fax number: (013) 744 1035 013 737 7942

Registration held by the organisation Non-profit organisation (NPO)

011 -137 NPO Public benefit organisation (PBO)
Waiting for NPO registration
Bank details
Name of Account used to pay day-to-day expenses. Christian Social Council of Mpumalanga: Lowveld Sizabantwana
Name of the Bank ABSA Standard Bank
Type of account Current account Current account
Account Number 10-7023-0131 331653370
Branch were account is hold and Code number Nelspruit 334-252 Hazyview
Name(s) and Position(s) of Signatories Admin person: Karien Snyman
Treasurer: Jaap de Ruiter Chairperson: Edzard Grimbeek
Treasurer: Joachim Prinsloo
The name of the firm responsible for the compilation of audited financial statements Chartered Accountants (SA):
Wegner Maritz & Partners
PO Box 358
Tel no. (013) – 755 2246
Fax no (013) – 753-2568 Account only six months old – no auditors has been appointed.

Services rendered by organisations

Organisations Involved Main purpose of the organisation Type of services that are provided

CMR Mpumalanga: Lowveld Social work office

To provide and promote in a Christian justifiable manner social welfare, development and related services in communities in co-elaboration with interested parties or individuals.
To fulfil the social welfare and development needs of communities e.g. disadvantage, rural and urban areas.
The CMR has a holistic integrated policy framework and render direct developmental social welfare services to all people, irrespective of race, age, gender and religion in all fields of service.
The CMR social work office provide primary social work services focusing on the needs of the people. Community Development: Identifying needs, prioritising and referring to social work services Casework: Prevention services, Early intervention services, Statutory intervention and Continuum of care services. The beneficiaries are from disadvantage groups from all ages living in deep rural areas. Group- and Community work is a services to the previous disadvantage communities, deep rural areas where the development and awareness programmes focus on the empowerment of women and vulnerable children regarding HIV/AIDS, family violence and parental guidance..

Sizabantwana Children Benefit Organisation

To provide care and support to orphaned and destitute children due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and other diverse circumstances and empower them to reach for a dream
Care, support and empowerment programme for AIDS Orphans through a home based care system: Care: Provide food, clothes and other basic need requirements, arrange clinic visits for health assessments and manage medication needs. Support: Provide communal facilities to cook food, serve meals and have daily gatherings. Recruit volunteer care givers to host or support these children’s growth, financial contributions to volunteer care givers, financial support for children to fulfil their dreams. Empowerment: Provide training on healthy living habits, train volunteer care givers and develop children to reach for their dreams


CMR Mpumalanga: Laeveld – Bushbuchridge Social work Office

The roots of the Christian Social Council originates in a notorious period when the Afrikaans speaking communities were stricken by extreme poverty due to unproductive farming, unemployment, lack of education and urbanisation of families. The Dutch Reformed Church regarded it it’s duty to intervene and the Christian Social Council was inaugurated with the aim to render a “care with compassion” service to those in need.

On 18 November 1964 a decision was made to open a CMR Social work office in the Lowveld. CMR Barberton Social work office opened during January 1965. Services were originally rendered by a visiting social worker from the CMR Social work office in Lydenburg. The CMR established a profile of reliable service rendering in aid of the community.

The Dutch Reformed Church, Hazyview requested the Christian Social Services for the involvement of a social worker. A constant request for a full time subsidised social worker- and community developer post were submitted to the Department of Health and Social Services and was granted in October 2006. After positive discussions with the Department of Health and Social Development in Thulamahashe the requested and granted posts for the Christian Social Services were allocated to the Busbuckridge/Marite area. The Christian Social Services’ office officially opened in the mentioned area on 1 December 2006.

A new “baby” was born

The area and its profile of existing services was unknown and being the first NGO rendering social work services in the area, exploring in all the areas of the greater Bushbuckridge community became necessary.

Exploring and networking with existing CBO’S in the mentioned community identified the need at Sizabantwana project as first priority.

Sizabantwana Children Benefit Organisation – Imphilo project

Dutch Reformed Church of Hazyview had a wish, after they became aware of the needs, to be involved in missionary work in Hazyview and the surrounding previously disadvantage communities. The church management board approached Petra College, a Child Evangelist training institute – White River, to assist them with this task. The church was referred to one of the lectors at the College, Mr Frank Mashego – who was already involved in evangelistic work amongst farm workers as well as children in the Hazyview and Masoy area. Mr Mashego, the Dutch Reformed Church and business men of Hazyview took hands and Sizabantwana Children Benefit Organisation, a initiative of Mr Mashego, was founded. Services expanded to the Bushbuchridge and Marite areas.

Potter’s House a project of SizaBantwana

Potter’s House a name based on the Bible story in the book of Jeremiah.

Dr Riaan Louw, a local doctor in Bushbuchridge identified the need of a one stop service centre in Bushbuchridge.

The idea of Potter’s House were born: Nursery school for pre-school children, school aftercare services for school going children, feeding scheme, life skill and holiday program centre including a place of safety / foster home for children in need of care.

Dr Louw rents a house for this project and link it with SizaBantwana. At the mentioned house – Potters House – the children identified at SizaBantwana – Imphilo project as children in need, can be offered Social Work services, shelter and care.


Bushbuckridge is a deep rural area with limited recourses and infrastructure. This area has a population of approximately 2 million people and services are mainly rendered to affected and infected children and their families as well as community development work

Sizabantwana and CMR is taking a message of hope to the core of Africa’s greatest tragedy: Children who have been left behind in a world of poverty by their parents who died from AIDS.

Children as young as a few weeks are left behind in a social-economic environment where the majority of the people are struggling to survive themselves. The aim is to create a culture of hope for these children. Apart from the care and support services this project is also providing food, clothes, health services and a home. Sizabantwana is empowering the AIDS orphans, their volunteer care givers and informal foster parents to shape the future they dream of.


Area of operation

Province: Mpumalanga
Municipal District: Bushbuchridge
City / Village Bushbuchridge / Marite

It is important to keep in mind that this is a new programme regarding the involvement of professional social services. Presently the core focus are on the children of SizaBantwana – Imphilo project and community development, but as the social worker and community developer become visible the importance to practise all the methods of social work, and not only community work, will become very important and the target group will increase.



Sizabantwana – Imphilo project is operating in Mariti where 63 identified children, who have become orphans after both their parents died of AIDS, are cared for in the houses of relatives or caring neighbours. After school they get a cooked meal prepared by 7 volunteering women at a iron-fenced fireplace with firewood and a black pot. The children play outside under the trees and sit on the ground when they eat the only meal that they will receive for the day.

These volunteering women also clean the houses where the children stay and wash their clothes.This project originates from Frank Mashego’s life story and grew until farmers of the neighbouring community of Hazyview decided to donate food and fruit from their farms.

Children attending this project do not only need food, but also love and tender care. Some of this children are terminally ill and will probably not live until the next Christmas.

a Project with a humble beginning awaiting funds to show it’s potential to care and nurture vulnerable children.


To make a difference in the life of the abovementioned children we need to have more support in all possible ways – food, money, buildings etc.

The proposed budget available at Annexure A

 Special projects

Memory Boxes:

“A Memory Box is a container, perhaps a specially woven basket, decorated trunk, shoe box, etc. and in which a family stores the treasures that represent their family history – a collection of family memories and wishes that children can turn to when their parents are no longer physically present.”

This project will give this 63 children affected and infected by HIV at the Imphilo project Hope but funds are needed to sustain the project.

Dealing with loss

The devastation of being all alone without a mother, father and a place to live and nobody to feed and care for you. This children need to be counselled in a creative and supported way.
There is no Counsellors except the one Social worker and Volunteers, and this children need constant care and support.

Volunteers need to be trained and when they present the programmes – one programme will not be enough – they will need material and resources to run the programme.

Awareness programmes: HIV/AIDS

Awareness programmes regarding HIV/AIDS is a need and the Community already indicated that they do not want Love Life’s philosophy of “use a condom” but would be interested in a programme of abstaining eg “Silver Ring Thing”

This programme cannot be offered to the teenagers due to the Silver Rings that are so expensive. It is however an excellent programme for the youth and it would motivate them to abstain.

Child Abuse

It became clear during a community study done by the students of Zigna Training College for Auxiliary Social workers that Child Abuse is not known to the communities. They do not know if they hit a child excessively that they can be charged for child abuse. In the rural area it is a normal phenomenon and awareness projects became a big need.

To run a project we are in need of costumes, a music system, transport, and volunteers.

A basic project was launched at schools in Buschbuckridge – the Volunteers did not have costumes or a music system, but the feedback from the 800 children that were reached was overwhelming.

Crime Prevention

Different Crime prevention programmes is a big priority. The children infected and affected by HIV AIDS presents a attitude of “want”. They see that young people and brothers and sisters dies at a young age and feel that they would like to have as much as possible before they die.

Teenagers should be taken to outdoor camps for weekends to enable the Social worker to run a Crime Prevention programme. Mariti – Alexandria is an area with a very high crime rate.


Children that are without a mother and father should be equipped with entrepreneurship skills. They should be helped to gain the skills of starting their own business. They will only receive government support until the age of 18 years and after that they have to care for themselves. If they can be equipped with the skills they will be able to live a productive life and be respected in the community.

Sports (soccer etc) projects

Sports like Soccer and netball helps children dealing with loss and give them a positive self-esteem. To run a project like this we are in need of sport equipment.

Life Skills

Children living on their own and with mothers and fathers that are ill, need to know the basics of life skills and different programmes are available. We are in need of funds to purchase the programmes and need Volunteers to run the programmes.

Holiday projects

Although an expensive programme, there are children that will never have the privilege to see the sea or go on a holiday. Different ways can be identified – 5 children can be identified and taken by Volunteer to the seaside. Flights to Durban, Cape Town and the tourism attractions can be done. It can also be considered to select one or two children to go to Disneyland in America.

Projects can be done in a thousand creative ways but money, support and material is needed to reach your goal.

Potter’s house

A Place of Safety where traumatized children that need urgent accommodation can be accommodated in a loving, caring and safe environment. Six (6) children can be accommodated at this house where house parents will take care of them. Only 6 children will be allowed according to the Child Care Act and it is the intention to place the children with trained and screened foster parents as soon as possible. Potters’ House will be a Place of Safety for traumatized children where they can live temporally.


The house that was offered by Dr Louw needs security and the electricity should be repaired. Children cannot be placed until repairs have been done. There is a need for linen, curtains, crockery and cutlery, and all the needs of a normal household.

This accommodation is an urgent need, for example there are at present 3 children at Imphilo project who needs a place to stay. The father is sexually abusing the elder daughter and she needs to be taken to a Place of Safety.

 Manpower requirements:

The Department of Health and Social Services subsidize a Social work and a Community Developer post at Bushbuckridge. Frank Mashego is a Volunteer that receives a small stipend at Sizabantwana for the work that he renders. It is evident that Volunteers and Student Auxiliary Social workers will be needed to help with the planned programmes. To enable the Social workers to make use of the Volunteers they need to receive a stipend, as they also need to eat. Services of volunteers Due to the the number of Social workers are limited and therefore volunteers are needed.

The above mentioned role-players become burnt-out and need to be cared for through:

 Training requirements

To enable Volunteers to help in service delivery they need to be trained. Material, laptops with PowerPoint presentations and stationery are needed. Social workers need to be trained on the latest trends in the care of HIV/AIDS and children. Training programmes are usually offered in Johannesburg etc. It is of essential importance that there should be a programme to Care for the Carers. They are the people who renders the service and they get burnt out and need to be cared for.

All the above projects need to be supported with offices, office equipment, and stationery;

 Office requirements

The CMR social work office is a room in Potter’s House and presently it is not safe or a professional work environment. It lacks of safety doors, burglar bars, tiles, blinds and due to very high temperatures, winter and summer, a air conditioner is very needy. Overall expenses, e.g. personnel, staff development, household, transport and administration are additional funds that is needed to render and continue with this needy service.

To enable the CMR office to function more efficiently we need:

2 Office desks
2 Filing Cabinets
2 Door Cabinets
2 Bookshelves
Boardroom table and chairs
Laminating Machine
Binding-Machine to bind course material
Digital Camera
Projector for Power point presentations
2 Laptops or computers
Notice boards
Air conditioners
Security system
Burglar bars
4×4 vehicle.(Due to the rural area where services are rendered)



Sizabantwana Children Benefit Organisation’s board members assist, support, manage and co-ordinate the services rendered by Frank. Frank is the project manager of Sizabantwana Children Benefit Organisation and receive a stipend of R 1 700,00 per month and has a LDV and petrol to visit projects and individual children.

The organisation’s board members, farmers and local business men donate food in season, clothes and organise different projects and events for the children. It is a fact that their help is limited and it is not possible for them to be involve in the welfare and wellbeing of the children.

CMR’s involvement is to assist with social services e.g. community development, casework, group- and community work.

With the rendering of the above mentioned services Potter’s House will become the haven of many broken children. Frank Masego and his family agreed to become the place of safety / foster home parents where six children will be legally placed and care for temporary or permanently .


It is with great appreciation that we present this proposal and we want to Thank our Lord Jesus Christ for the opportunity and privilege to know and to be associated with an organisation as Avroy Shlain.

Psalm 146:8-10

The Lord loves the righteous.. The Lord watches over the alien and sustains the fatherless and widow.